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Binary matrix factorization
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Matrix factorization

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Binary matrix factorization is a machine learning algorithm that takes a matrix and factorizes it into matrices. One or more of the matrices should be binary matrices. There are different binary matrix factorizations.

Meeds et al.[1] considers the following condition

<math>\mathbf{X | UWV}'</math>

where U and V are binary matrices, W contains weights and X may be real-valued, binary or categorical.

Other type of binary factorization is considered Zhang et al.[2]

<math>\mathbf{X \approx WH}</math>

where all three matrices are binary. This form can be regarded as a specialization of non-negative matrix factorization. Rank-one binary matrix factorization of Zhang's kind is considered by Shen et al.[3]

Related to the Zhang binary matrix factorization is Boolean matrix factorization.

[edit] References

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