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BSA Atlas

Brainvisa Sulci atlas

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Human brain atlas

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BSA Atlas (Brainvisa Sulci atlas) is a human brain atlas associated with the BrainVISA program.


[edit] Python

See link at

[edit] Reading labels

The site here seems to be no longer available.

import pandas as pd
url = ''
labels = pd.read_csv(url)

Comparison with Brede neuroanatomy words:

from import NeuroanatomyWords
set(labels.label.str.lower()) - NeuroanatomyWords()

[edit] Reading volume

Reading the volume with NIPY and showing a slice with matplotlib:

>>> from urllib import urlretrieve
>>> import nipy
>>> urlretrieve('', 
>>> img = nipy.load_image('anat_landmark_atlas.nii.gz')
>>> img.shape
(91, 109, 91, 145)
>>> import numpy as np
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> plt.matshow(np.sum(img[:, :, 40, :], axis=-1))

[edit] Papers

  1. Joint Bayesian cortical sulci recognition and spatial normalization
  2. Cortical sulci recognition and spatial normalization
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