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Anterior temporal lobe
Abbreviations: ATL

Anterior temporal cortex

Category: Anterior temporal lobe

Temporal cortex


Anterior superior temporal cortex
Mesial anterior temporal lobe
Lateral anterior temporal lobe

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Anterior temporal lobe is a brain region in the anterior part of the temporal lobe.

[edit] Papers

  1. Adaptation to speaker's voice in right anterior temporal lobe
  2. Anterior temporal lobes and hippocampal formations: normative volumetric measurements from MR images in young adults
  3. Differential neuronal encoding of novelty, familiarity and recency in regions of the anterior temporal lobe
  4. Dissociable effects of prefrontal and anterior temporal cortical lesions on stereotypical gender attitudes
  5. Frontopolar and anterior temporal cortex activation in a moral judgment task: preliminary functional MRI results in normal subjects
  6. MR imaging-based volume measurements of the hippocampal formation and anterior temporal lobe: validation studies
  7. Neural control of social behavior: Prefrontal and anterior temporal cortex
  8. Pathological status of the mesial temporal lobe predicts memory outcome from left anterior temporal lobectomy
  9. Predictors of outcome of anterior temporal lobectomy for intractable epilepsy: a multivariate study
  10. Role of anterior temporal cortex in auditory sentence comprehension: an fMRI study
  11. The anterior temporal lobes and the functional architecture of semantic memory
  12. The connections of the amygdala and of the anterior temporal cortex in the human brain
  13. The selectivity and functional connectivity of the anterior temporal lobes
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