Anterior superior temporal gyrus

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Anterior superior temporal gyrus
Abbreviations: T1a

Superior Temporal Gyrus, anterior division
Anterior superior temporal cortex
Superior temporal gyrus/anterior part

Category: Anterior superior temporal gyrus

Superior temporal gyrus
Anterior temporal cortex

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Anterior superior temporal gyrus is a brain regionin the anterior part of the superior temporal gyrus in the temporal lobe.

In Human cerebral cortex: localization, parcellation and morphometry with magnetic resonance imaging (Table 2) the area is refered to as "superior temporal gyrus/anterior part" with acronym T1a. It is separated posteroiorly from the "Superior temporal gyrus/posterior part (T1a). The plane that separates the anterior and posterior part "is defined by the rostrolateral end of the first transverse sulcus" (page 359). The authors associate the anterior part of Brodmann area 22 with the area.

[edit] Papers

  1. Right anterior superior temporal activation predicts auditory sentence comprehension following aphasic stroke
  2. Social concepts are represented in the superior anterior temporal cortex
  3. Vowel sound extraction in anterior superior temporal cortex
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