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Alpha wave is brain signals in the frequency range around 10 Hz (approximately 8-12 Hz) seen in electroencephalography.

When it appears in around the central sulcus it is most often referred to as "mu wave" and in the older literature "rythme en arceau".

The strength of the alpha wave may vary between individuals.[1] A summary of the study The significance of individual differences in the Berger rhythm appear in British Journal of Psychiatry: "The alpha wave are not affected by time of day, spacing of the trials, mood, degree of tiredness, physical type of subject, sex, intelligence or type of memory".[2]

[edit] Papers

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  4. The possible meaning of the upper and lower alpha frequency ranges for cognitive and creative tasks
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[edit] Intelligence


  1. Differences in EEG alpha activity related to giftedness
  2. Intelligence related differences in EEG-bandpower
  3. The significance of individual differences in the Berger rhythm


  1. EEG Alpha rhythm frequency and intelligence in normal adults

[edit] References

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