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Alon Halevy (Alon Levy)
Affiliation: Google
Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering
Location: United States of America
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Alon Halevy is employed at Google where he works with methods for structured data, such as "Fusion Tables" in Google [2]. He was previously Professor of Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Halevy's blog is

He has been involved in projects with Web forms and Web tables,[1][2] such as Google Fusion Tables and WebTables.

Halevy gave keynotes at 2nd INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics and 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference.

[edit] Works

  1. Data integration: the teenage years

[edit] Books

  1. Principles of data integration

[edit] References

  1. Michael J. Cafarella, Alon Halevy, Daisy Zhe Wang, Eugene Wu(2008). "WebTables: exploring the power of tables on the Web". Proceedings of VLDB 2008. [1]
  2. Cafarella et al. WebDB 2008
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