A bottom-up approach to MEDLINE indexing recommendations

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A bottom-up approach to MEDLINE indexing recommendations
Authors: Antonio Jimeno-Yepes, Bartłomiej Wilkowski, James G. Mork, Elizabeth Van Lenten, Dina Demner Fushman, Alan R. Aronson
Citation: AMIA Annual Symposium proceedings 2011 : 1583-1582. 2011
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A bottom-up approach to MEDLINE indexing recommendations reports a study on improving the recommendation for MEDLINE's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) indexing using supervized machine learning and "triage rules".

The paper is included in Bartłomiej Wilkowski's thesis Semantic approaches for knowledge discovery and retrieval in biomedicine.

The indexing in MEDLINE is assisted by the Medical Text Indexer (MTI) which has two main components: MetaMap and the PubMed Related Citations. The method presented in the paper aims to improve the present implementations.

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