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Software (help)
Description: SPM Matlab plugin for searching
Developer: Antonia Hamilton
Language: Matlab
License: GPL
Feature(s): Talairach coordinate searching

AMAT is a Matlab program including a database for searching after Talairach coordinates among published studies. It is developed by Antonia Hamilton and distributed from:

The Talairach coordinates in AMAT is stored in a comma-separated values (CSV) file. This file has eight columns

Neuroanatomical label 
String, e.g., "L precentral gyrus"
Brodmann area(s) 
One or more labels to indicate Brodmann area
Functional area 
Often (alway?) abbreviation, e.g., "M1"
Talairach coordinate for left-right
Back-front Talairach coordinate
Down-up Talairach coordinate
Space indicator 
"T" or "M" to indicate the stereotaxic space
Short describtion of the experiment/contrast, e.g., " Imagine movement > movement"
PubMed identifier as an integer, e.g., "14755595"

[edit] Brede Toolbox

The Brede Toolbox may read this file with two different functions

% 'Cel' structure
C = brede_read_csv2cel('amat_database.csv', 'rowhead', 'no', 'columnhead', 'no')

% 'Bib' structure
B = brede_read_amat

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[edit] Reference

  1. Antonia F. de C. Hamilton (2009). "Lost in localization: a minimal middle way". NeuroImage missing volume: missing pages. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.05.007.
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