2nd INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics

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2nd INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics (Neuroinformatics 2009)
Location: Pilsen Czech Republic
Date & time:

INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics

Link: http://www.neuroinformatics2009.org/
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2nd INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics is a scientific conference on all aspects of of neuroinformatics and taking place at the Parkhotel in Pilsen, Czech Repuplic.

Keynote speakers were Kenji Doya, Alon Halevy, Astrid Prinz, Andrew Schwartz, Shankar Subramaniam and Arthur Toga.

Workshops within the conference are

  1. "Advances in the automatic analysis of multi-dimensional data"
  2. "Ontologies for neuroscience: applications and advances". Chair: Maryann Martone. Speakers: Tim Clark, Jeffrey Grethe and Alan Ruttenberg. Among the topics mentioned were AlzForum, PD Online Research, Science Collaboration Framework, the Semantic Web and OBO Foundry,
  3. "How should a neuron be modeled: Biophysical detail vs. abstraction" with Gaute Einevoll as chair and Arnd Roth, Wulfram Gerstner and Peter Hunter as speakers. Topics mentioned: CellML, SBML, FieldML, BioSignalML [1]. Also during the workshop the result and winners of the Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling 2009 competition with monetary prizes were announced.
  4. "High performance computing and grid infrastructure for neuroinformatics applications". Speakers were Markus Diesmann, Andrey Semin (from Intel Corporation) and Pietro Lio. Topics mentioned were NEST, new Intel processors and the Ct programming language.
  5. "The neuroinformatics of neural connectivity". Chairs were David Willshaw and Kevan Martin with speakers are Albert Cardona, Giorgio Ascoli and Rolf Kötter

Abstracts from the conference are published by Frontiers Research Foundation from their Web site:


In his keynote Arthur W. Toga mentioned a number of large consortia:

  1. International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM)
  2. ADNI, Alzheimer's disease
  3. BIRN, (mouse, morphology, functions)
  4. PEDS, longitudinal study on children
  5. HDNI, Huntingdon's disease
  6. FMRIDC.
  7. ACE

[edit] Papers

  1. Brede Wiki:A neuroinformatics Web service with structured information
  2. NeuroLex.org - A semantic wiki for neuroinformatics based on the NIF Standard Ontology
  3. Neuroscientific literature search based on the location coordinates in brain - BredeQuery plugin for SPM environment
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