(Re)triggering backlash: responses to news of Wikipedia's gender gap

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(Re)triggering backlash: responses to news of Wikipedia's gender gap
Authors: Stine Eckert, Linda Steiner
Citation: Journal of Communication Inquiry 37 (4): 284-303. 2013
DOI: 10.1177/0196859913505618.
Link(s): http://jci.sagepub.com/content/37/4/284.full.pdf
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(Re)triggering backlash: responses to news of Wikipedia's gender gap is a study of how the gender gap of Wikipedia was reported and commented upon in media.

[edit] Wikimedia Research Newsletter summary [1]

An article in the Journal of Communication Inquiry studies how Wikipedia’s gender gap concern has been treated in the news, based on a qualitative analysis of 42 articles from US news media and blogs, and 1,336 comments from online readers. The authors argue that this discussion can be seen as an example of a “broader backlash against women, and particularly feminism” in the U.S. news media and blogs. Reading the article, it appears that the views of this gap in the media represent the variety of views about feminism, from the most concerned and documented to the most stupid and misogynist. However, the synthesis of these opinions and the discussions the authors had with some leaders at Wikipedia/Wikimedia Foundation (among them Sue Gardner) let them argue that this problem has not yet been properly addressed, because of its complexity, but also because of a clear political decision from the management of the project to tackle it.

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