WOPER: 98 - Richard J. Davidson
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Richard J. Davidson

Affiliation: Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Homepage: http://psyphz.psych.wisc.edu/web/personnel/director.html

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PubMed: Davidson R


3 Davidson R
2 Ahern G
2 Lane R
2 Reiman E
2 Schwartz G
1 Bradley M
1 Casey B
1 Cohen J
1 Hu X
1 Irwin W
1 Lang P
1 Lowe M
1 Nelson C
1 Noll D
1 O'Craven K
1 Rosen B
1 Truwitt C
1 Turski P
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  1. Richard D. Lane; Eric M. Reiman; M. M. Bradley; P. J. Lang; Geoffrey L. Ahern; Richard J. Davidson; Gary E. Schwartz. Neuroanatomical correlates of pleasant and unpleasant emotion. Neuropsychologia 35(11):1437-44, 1997. PMID: 9352521. BrainMap: 276. WOBIB: 93.
  2. B. J. Casey; Jonathan D. Cohen; K. O'Craven; Richard J. Davidson; W. Irwin; C. A. Nelson; D. C. Noll; X. Hu; M. J. Lowe; B. R. Rosen; C. L. Truwitt; P. A. Turski. Reproducibility of fMRI results across four institutions using a spatial working memory task. NeuroImage 8(3):249-261, 1998. PMID: 9758739. FMRIDCID: . WOBIB: 116.
  3. Richard D. Lane; Eric M. Reiman; Geoffrey L. Ahern; Gary E. Schwartz; Richard J. Davidson. Neuroanatomical Correlates of Happiness, Sadness, and Disgust. The American Journal of Psychiatry 154(7):926-933, 1997. PMID: 9210742. FMRIDCID: . WOBIB: 177.
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