WOPER: 102 - Jonathan D. Cohen
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Jonathan D. Cohen

Affiliation: Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior, Princeton University
Homepage: http://www.csbmb.princeton.edu/ncc/jdc.html

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PubMed: Cohen J



3 Cohen J
1 Aronson J
1 Casey B
1 Davidson R
1 Hu X
1 Irwin W
1 Laibson D
1 Loewenstein G
1 Lowe M
1 McClure S
1 Nelson C
1 Noll D
1 Nystrom L
1 O'Craven K
1 Rilling J
1 Rosen B
1 Sanfey A
1 Truwitt C
1 Turski P
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  1. B. J. Casey; Jonathan D. Cohen; K. O'Craven; Richard J. Davidson; W. Irwin; C. A. Nelson; D. C. Noll; X. Hu; M. J. Lowe; B. R. Rosen; C. L. Truwitt; P. A. Turski. Reproducibility of fMRI results across four institutions using a spatial working memory task. NeuroImage 8(3):249-261, 1998. PMID: 9758739. FMRIDCID: . WOBIB: 116.
  2. Alan G. Sanfey; James K. Rilling; Jessica A. Aronson; Leigh E. Nystrom; Jonathan D. Cohen. The Neural Basis of Economic decision-Making in the Ultimatum Game. Science 300(5626):1755-1758, 2003. PMID: 12805551. DOI: 10.1126/science.1082976. FMRIDCID: . WOBIB: 179.
  3. Samuel M. McClure; David I. Laibson; George Loewenstein; Jonathan D. Cohen. Separate Neural Systems Value Immediate and Delayed Monetary Rewards. Science 306(5695):503-507, 2004. PMID: 15486304. DOI: 10.1126/science.1100907. FMRIDCID: . WOBIB: 184.
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