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The Brede Database: The main component in this database is data from functional neuroimaging scientific articles containing Talairach coordinates. Each article in this database is identified by a unique number: A `WOBIB'. Some of the structure of the Brede Database is similar to the structure of the BrainMap Database (Research Imaging Center, San Antonio).

The Brede Database is also distributed with the Brede Toolbox — a program package primarily written in Matlab.

Raw database files

The database is available as XML and in the Matlab "mat" file format:

Database: wobibs.xml wobibs.mat | woexts.xml woexts.mat | worois.xml worois.mat

Function from the Brede Toolbox will be able to read both the XML files and the Matlab files.

Database inter-operability

The Brede Database has simple links to other neuroscience databases on the Internet:


Primary reference (please reference this if you use the database) Secondary references (some more information) The graphs have been constructed with the Graphviz package

DTU Informatics >>> HBP > Services > Brede Database
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